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Fine Art of Sophy Etsadashvili 2013-06-29 14:48

Sophy Etsadashvili is a distinguished representative of contemporary Georgian jewelry and cloisonné arts.

Her creative art unites old traditions of Georgian goldsmith that was rooted in ancient epoch and reached its peak in the medieval centuries and modern vision....

Bakuriani Hotel & SPA - Crystal 2013-06-06 13:06

Hotel Crystal in Bakuriani  Didveli territory.

Hotel Crystal invites you to vacation in the one of the most famous resorts of Georgia – Bakuriani.

We wish you a nice holiday!


Tbilisi - Hotel Astoria 2012-06-09 15:15

Address: 189-a, Aghmashenebeli Ave.,Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel.: +995 32 234 49 92;   

         +99532 234 86 12


   in Turkey 2012-02-17 13:04
Tomorrow at early morning according to the invitation of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Republic, the representatives of Publishing House "Navigator’s” magazines: "Tourism and Rest” and "Welcome to Georgia” are going to press tour in winter resorts of Turkey.
Holiday Complex -health resort - LUGELA 2011-05-08 14:36
Is situated in the village of Mukhuri, Chkhorotsku region, in the Samegrelo region on the bank of river Khobistskali above 560 m. high from the sea level. Village Mukhuri is famous as the health resort, with coniferous, mixed forest and alpine mountains, with long-trunk bess and 20 km length beautiful cave. The cool and pure river Khobistskali divided the village with two sides. There are different kinds of fished in the river and also mineral waters runs in it. One of them is 9% - calcium chlorine - "LUGELA”, which is used for medical – rachitic, allergy, blood bleeding, osteoporoses, skin, parenchymal hepatitis, nephritis, stomatitis, conjunctiva, also it is used in cosmetology.
Renewed Mestia 2011-02-24 15:12
Svaneti can be considered as a new winter resort from the New Year. Touristic season has opened there. A new airport is functioning in Mestia, the construction of which started only several months ago. The airport is situated 1 400 meters above sea level and has 1 120 meter long runway. Several Georgian companies worked on the airport construction project. The construction employed about 300 individuals.
Abastumani Tourism Association 2009-04-09 14:16

Address: 34 Rusaveli str., Abastumani, Georgia

Mob: +995 99 36 19 78

Aspindza Javakheti Region - Hotels - more... 2009-04-09 14:14

Farmhouse Bermukha  

Address:16, Gogebashvili str., Town of Aspindza

Tel: +995 99 18 17 63; +995 99 58 34 18

Host: Guliko Lekishvili

Svaneti - Hotels - more ...... 2009-04-09 12:57


Address: V.Ushguli , Svaneti Region, Georgia,

Guesthouse for four guests provide with water , closet and bathroom

Tel: +995 99 42 77 13

Boris Charqseliani....

Georgian Cuisine

Georgians have a reputation for their sincere and warm hospitality able to melt even stones. Along with their love to their mother country, unyielding nature, cheerfulness and sociability, hospitality is one of the national characteristics of the Georgian people.


Kakheti - Vine Land

We are now heading to a marvelous province of wine-making in Georgia – Kakheti which is just two-three hours drive from Tbilisi. The main points on our way are Gurjaani and Telavi. Kakheti is rich of interesting places and historical monuments. It will be good to a bit change our route and go to Signagi, Qvareli and Lagodekhi.



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