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Holiday Complex -health resort - LUGELA 2011-05-08 14:36

Is situated in the village of Mukhuri, Chkhorotsku region, in the Samegrelo region on the bank of river Khobistskali above 560 m. high from the sea level. Village Mukhuri is famous as the health resort, with coniferous, mixed forest and alpine mountains, with long-trunk bess and 20 km length beautiful cave. The cool and pure river Khobistskali divided the village with two sides. There are different kinds of fished in the river and also mineral waters runs in it. One of them is 9% - calcium chlorine - "LUGELA”, which is used for medical – rachitic, allergy, blood bleeding, osteoporoses, skin, parenchymal hepatitis, nephritis, stomatitis, conjunctiva, also it is used in cosmetology.


Carbonaceus mineral water "SKURI” is situated at a distance of 5 km length from the village Mukhuri, which is used for treatment of intestinal and urine-sexual organs..


Holiday Comlex (health resort) "LUGELA” offers to:

 -A comfortable 2-3-4 places of luxurios room.

-Feeding – there or four times a day.

-Sport-sanitation procedures.

-1-3-5 days campaing in the Lugela gotge and in the alpine zone of the Caucasus range by car or horses.

- The boating with boats on the river.

-Different kinds of amusements for children.

-Spine hurt children treatment with massage and river’s warm sand.

-Sauna, aqua-park, café-bar, national meals in wicker peasant house, football aquare, table tennis, tennis dirk, conference and concert halls for 250 places, struggle hall, billiard.





Pass (travelling) days quantites are indefinite


T r a n s p o r t

Bus – Tbilisi-Mukhuri: Monday and Sunday at 9oo o’clock

Micro-bus – Tbilisi-Chkhorotsku: Every day at 900 o’clock

From the auto-station of Tbilisi railway station


Tel: +371 267 13314 giga

        +371 296 84936 tea



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