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Georgian Cuisine

Georgians have a reputation for their sincere and warm hospitality able to melt even stones. Along with their love to their mother country, unyielding nature, cheerfulness and sociability, hospitality is one of the national characteristics of the Georgian people. Any guest at a Georgian party has to taste hot, brown "Khachapuri” (a kind of cheese- pie with local cheese), "Lobio” haricot beans, a dish which every house-wife claims she cooks as nobody else, sheat-fish unusually cooked "Loko kindzmarshi” (i.e. sauce of fresh coriander and vinegar),"Khashlama” beef boiled according to special rules and receipt, inimitable "Chakapuli” (meat stewed with Georgian greens) and a delicate nut-sauce "Bazhi” which goes with "Gomi”, a sort of polenta cooked from maize.


Georgian cuisine is distinguished with abundance of all kinds of

hors-d’aevre, aromatic greens, variety of cheeses, hot sauces and spices going with meet, fish, poultry and veggies. Even the most experienced and demanding gourmet will find "Satsivi”, a turkey in spicy sauce with minced nuts, spicy-peppered "Kharcho”, tender "Chikhirtma” (chicken broth spiced with eggs and vinegar, unique remedy for a hangover), hot sauce poultry "Chakhokhbili” with stewed onions, "Kupati” small, spicy home-made sausages.


Shashliks are popular in Georgia as allover Caucasus (barbecue on special sticks, "Shampuries”). Depending on the season they are cooked from different meat: veal, pork, mutton. Along with all the said, famous Georgian wines, aromatic fruits should be mentioned, to say nothing of amazing fruit waters made from natural fruit juices and you can imagine what a pleasure is ahead if you happen to be at a Georgian party!



Despite merriment and laugh reigning at a Georgian party, it always goes on according to strict, once established, traditional ritual. The party is always led by a "Tamada” i.e. a toast-master usually elected due to his age, experience or to resourcefulness and quick-wittedness among the present. If the party is big, the Tamada appoints "Tolumbashis” assistants to help him. Feasts usually are accompanied with jokes, music, Georgian drinking-songs.


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