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Fine Art of Sophy Etsadashvili 2013-06-29 14:48

Sophy Etsadashvili is a distinguished representative of contemporary Georgian jewelry and cloisonné arts.

Her creative art unites old traditions of Georgian goldsmith that was rooted in ancient epoch and reached its peak in the medieval centuries and modern vision.

Cloisonné is her beloved technique and she produces the jewelry masterpieces in this technique such as: the most beautiful rings, ear-rings, bracelets, hair pins and brooches. 

Original small size plastic samples: figurines in national costumes, miniature furniture pieces, blue table-cloth motives, Georgian musical instruments.

Religious items such as: crosses and icons with images of different saints.

Different applied art work pieces: mouth-pieces, decorative panes and miniatures of wood.

Among Sophy Etsadashvili’s works are original works such as, small plastic samples and a brooch of a male figurine in national dress "Chokha”. Necessary attributes are sword and belt to Chokha. The male figurine is standing on the toes as Georgian dancers do when performing national dances. The rest of figurines are of the same style but representing men wearing national costumes of different parts of Georgia or warriors’ dresses and armament.

Cloisonné by Sophy Etsadashvili is rich of colors, contrast tinting and transparent in depth. This is evident in all her works especially in the series of brooches "spring”.

The process of working on cloisonné is extremely complicated and labor-consuming. Everything is made by hand from development of the composition to scorching and polishing. Etsadashvili uses the following material in her works: silver, brass and even gold. Sophy is an innovator as well; she often uses cloisonné design on ebonite. Cloisonné in combination with precious and semi-precious gems is very effective and impressive.

Sophy Etsadashvili is a very popular and well-known artist. Her works have been exhibited in many galleries in Georgia and abroad and have been appreciated highly always.

Cloisonné development stopped in Georgia in XV century and it restarted in XX century. And it is pretty exciting that this field is attracting attention and today cloisonné is being rapidly developed especially with support of original and talented artists as Sophy Etsadashvili.

Permanent exhibition of Sophy EtsadashviliIn the "Irma’s Gallery”Address: #6, Erekle street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Mob: +995 593 00 97 97

         +995 599 92 38 17

Tel: +995 32 293 21 21


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